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XP offers people-first tech solutions characterised by: relationship, expertise and always adding value to our clients.
We want to help make the world a better place, through people and technology working together. Founded in 2011 by our Managing Director, Christi Moller, Xtreme Productivity is working all over the world with people in Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, and the Philippines. Our rapidly expanding team of professionals help organisations make a lasting impact through technology.

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Our Vision and Values

Innovating for people, impacting the world.

At the heart of our brand is the belief that people come first. By combining their passion with the power of technology, we can create positive change that helps our clients transform the world. We are motivated by the fact that we can use our expertise in technology to contribute to the global good.

We value: People, they come first in all that we do. Learning from our experience to contribute to continuous improvement. Adapting to the ever-changing technology landscape by staying flexible. Learning to help maintain our digital fluency, and above all, in everything we do, ensuring we are adding value to the world through our work.

Our People

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  • Our founder is still at the wheel, and is somehow, more energised than ever. We have worked with many of clients for over a decade and are excited for our future.

  • XP celebrates a decade of service with a truly global team in New Zealand, Australia, India, Philippines, South Africa and Estonia, all working together to enable purpose-led organisations all over the world.

  • We just love maple syrup - so had to establish XP Canada. This means our reach into the marketing in the Northern American region is firmly established, and enables faster and easier service to our clients there.

  • XP is registered as a company in India. Our talented development team is almost exclusively based in India. With a wider time-zone catchment, this is a big step towards offering our clients 24/7 support.

  • Craftsman Financial joins the XP family. This is the catalyst to form a Financial Services team to support our clients with finance system support and capacity services - taking care of the paper work, so clients can stay focussed on the big picture.

  • Xp goes global. We register XP International as a company in New Zealand to enable our global growth strategy and support purpose-led organisations all over the world. In the same year, we established XP Australia as a company to scale up our support in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Vital IT joins the XP family. XP invests in like-minded people to grow our capacity in the Digital Services team.

  • XP is open for business! Christi resigns his role as head of Technology and pursues his dream of enabling not-for-profits through technology. We open our first office in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Xtreme Productivity New Zealand was established and incorporated to meet that need and help make a real impact in the world.

  • Christi was working at World Vision NZ, and recognised a need for cost-effective and trustworthy technology partners for charities. Too many organisations were being left behind, and those that did spend money on solutions, were left with complicated systems they could not afford to maintain.