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Arahura Charitable Trust

Unlocking Hope: Arahura Charitable Trust's Digital Transformation Journey


When Crossroads Clubhouse under the auspices of Arahura Charitable Trust, approached us, they were facing a significant challenge. As a dedicated mental health charity, their mission was clear: to support individuals on their journey to recovery. However, their existing IT infrastructure was struggling to keep pace with their noble goals. Data management was cumbersome, communication was fragmented, and collaboration among their staff and clients was far from optimal. Arahura needed a tech-savvy solution to enhance their ability to provide crucial support to those in need.


Our partnership with Arahura Charitable Trust led to a profound transformation. By supporting their customised cloud-based platform and leveraging their digital solutions, we helped streamline their operations. This empowered Arahura to focus on their core mission of mental health support, boosting their operational efficiency and effectiveness. Today, they stand as a beacon of hope, making a profound impact on the lives of individuals on their path to recovery.

“Our experience with XP has been exceptional from the get go. The very efficient staff and commitment to quality service have made our jobs significantly easier."

Mickie Lapus, Director, Crossroads Clubhouse.

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