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Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Harmonizing Success: APO's Journey with XP in Navigating Financial Solutions


When APO came to us, they were facing a familiar challenge: the need for a seamless and efficient finance solution. Like many Not-For-Profits, they grappled with budget constraints and a desire to allocate resources where it mattered most – their mission. Migrating to a new financial system can be a daunting prospect, one that can hit a discordant note if not executed smoothly. APO needed a partner to guide them through this intricate process, ensuring that their financial operations remained in harmony even during the transition.


With XP's expert guidance, APO successfully migrated to a tailored Microsoft-based financial solution, optimising their budget and enhancing financial reporting. Our ongoing general IT support ensured APO's day-to-day operations remained seamless, allowing them to focus on their core mission. Today, APO serves as a shining example of the transformative power of strategic IT investments in the Not-For-Profit sector. Their success story resonates as a melody of partnership, technology, and unwavering dedication to their community.

Project Scope

  • Project Planning and Management
  • Solution Architechture
  • Software Procurement
  • Xero Implementation
  • Approval Max Implementation
  • Solution testing and support
  • Reporting
  • End-user Training

“The APO has worked closely with XP since 2016 and they have provided very professional and efficient IT support for our charitable organisation across the board. From the process of migrating our servers to the cloud all the way through to our individual staff support they have been both professional, thorough, and when required, patient, with any of our IT requirements. Their migration team also assisted our finance department in completing a successful migration of our accounting systems. The process was made easier with the expert support of their migration team through the entire process, including post migration support. Their understanding of the budget constraints of a charitable organisation has meant that they have also been able to provide IT solutions and recommendations that takes these limitations into consideration. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership with XP.”
Wynn Riechelmann, ICT/Accounts Administrator, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.

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