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Empowering Not-For-Profits: Equip's IT Transformation with XP


Equip faced a familiar challenge that many not-for-profits encounter - the need for robust and secure IT infrastructure that could support their growing mission. Navigating the digital landscape while staying true to their core values was not an easy task. They needed a partner who could guide them through this transformation.


The partnership with Equip has been transformative. By migrating to the cloud, Equip gained a flexible and scalable platform that enhances efficiency and enables seamless collaboration. Our implementation of robust security measures ensures the protection of sensitive data, crucial in the not-for-profit sector. Today, with our ongoing IT support, Equip operates smoothly, allowing them to focus on their core mission of strengthening mental health support.


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“XP has consistently provided quality support to our organisation.  They have helped us to undertake our work in a flexible manner as well as stepping up and supporting us during times of business interruption.  Their staff are personable as well as effective. I recommend XP.”

Naomi Cowan, CEO, Equip.

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