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Harbour Sport

Using Dynamic 365 CRM to create a healthy community that stays physically active for life in the Harbour Region.

Harbour Sport


Harbour Sport operated their services through an outdated and clunky database, which was frustrating to use and hard to customise. They wanted a new system that would allow easy changes so it could grow with the business, and provide a paperless way for GPs and clients to be referred onto their Green Prescription programme. With hundreds of Green Prescription referrals coming through each month, it was essential to hit the ground running.


XP implemented a Dynamics 365 CRM to manage their referral data, case notes, automated confirmations and reminders and surveys. To reduce double handling of fax and email referral being manually entered into the database, a digital referral form that connected directly to the CRM database was built. XP also built an online booking system, so Harbour Sport’s clients can book themselves into their Green Prescription, and other health and wellness sessions that are offered in the community.

Project Scope

  • Project planning and management
  • Solution architecture
  • Software procurement
  • Custom Dynamics 365 CRM development
  • Solution testing and support
  • Staff training and up-skilling to create greater and more cost-effective system management.

Using Dynamics 365 CRM to help get people moving

Harbour Sport's Active for Life team work with targeted groups to meet the needs of those who need it most in the region. They help make great activity ideas happen by connecting people and providing support, training and mentoring. Their Sector Support teams provide specific professional and organisational development opportunities for key staff of RSO’s, clubs, Schools, Ethnic Community Sport, schools and teams believing that the more they can support the people the better the club, organisation or team!

“From the very beginning, XP demonstrated a deep understanding of our organisation's unique needs and challenges,” says Paula McGregor, Digital Systems Manager at Harbour Sport.

“They were great at setting up our CRM system, providing us with a robust platform to streamline and enhance our engagement with clients and stakeholders, and saving time in the way our staff deliver this programme,” says Paula.

With many programmes on offer, using their legacy Access database was slow, and was hard to customise. This is essential as their programmes are often changed and improved to better meet their clients' needs. They needed a professional solution that would be easy for staff and coaches to use. It also had to be easy for their clients and GPs to connect with them via referrals.

  • 1,200+


    Referrals coming from GPs and self-referrals from clients each year via the portal.
  • 500


    Approximately 500 hours saved from manually entering data.

“What sets XP apart is their flexibility and dedication to client satisfaction. They have allowed us to have as much or as little involvement in the maintenance and management of our CRM as we want. This is particularly valuable to us as a not-for-profit with limited resources.”

Paula McGregor, Harbour Sport.

Achieving strategic goals

Dynamics 365 CRM is crucial for Harbour Sport’s strategy. It has simplified the management of all their programmes, improving access to the services they offer. It’s the central hub for referrals and tracking their client’s Green Prescription journey.

Best of all, it’s made reporting metrics easily available and downloadable for their reporting requirements. This has allowed them to have a database that can move with them as they create new and improve existing programmes.

In a nutshell, Dynamics 365 CRM enhances efficiency, allowing staff to focus on their primary goal: ensuring provide quality support to those that need it.

“Claire (XP) and her team have been amazing in implementing and supporting the solutions we require to drive our mission forward,” says Paula.

Ongoing support? We've got you covered.

“XP's team have been a pleasure to work with, always approachable and ready to answer our questions and provide expert guidance. We also greatly appreciate the discounts they secure for us as a not-for-profit, demonstrating their commitment to our mission,” says Paula

We've got a dedicated support team, and we use Dynamics 365 too. That means we've got all the information about a client's past problems right there when we need it. This makes getting help easy because you don't have to keep telling the same story every time you need support.

XP: Critical to Harbour Sport’s plan

Harbour Sport started working with Xtreme Productivity back in 2018, and since 2022, XP has been their primary IT and digital solutions provider. XP puts the power into the clients hands so that they’re not codependent on an IT suppler for small and even large changes. They now have the service and support they need to deliver an excellent programme, with room to scale!

“Our experience working with XP has been nothing short of fantastic,” says Paula. “They have become an integral part of our organisation. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them as we further improve and expand our CRM and IT systems.”

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