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Highbury Community House

Reliable IT support means staff can focus on the needs of their community.


Operating in the community service sector comes with its unique set of challenges, and Highbury Community House was no exception. They were tasked with providing child care services and a diverse range of classes to cater to the varied interests of their community members. The need for efficient and reliable IT support became increasingly evident as they strived to keep their operations up to date and error-free.


XP, the ideal IT support partner, stepped in as a reliable beacon for Highbury Community House. With their expert team, Highbury House found the attentive support they needed to navigate technology's complexities and focus on enriching their community. XP's helpdesk services promptly resolved technical issues, minimising disruptions, while robust backups safeguarded vital data. Additionally, XP's valuable advice empowered Highbury House to enhance their services and meet unique challenges head-on.


IT Support

  • Interactive User Support
  • Hardware & Software Support

"We have been with XP for a number of years now. What appealed to us was the one stop shop of helpdesking, back-ups, information and advice. As a community house, it is vital that our operations are up to date and error free. XP has provided this peace of mind."

Angela Spooner, Manager, Highbury Community House.

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