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SPCA New Zealand

Helping protect over 31,000 animals through Cloud Technology and IT Support.


SPCA New Zealand, a well known not-for-profit dedicated to animal welfare, encountered a technological challenge that hampered its crucial operations. As they expanded their reach and services, the organisation grappled with escalating technology and user support issues. Their existing system lagged, causing operational inefficiencies and putting strain on their dedicated team. The SPCA recognised the transformative potential of cloud technology, yet the daunting task of designing, implementing, and continuously maintaining these solutions required expertise beyond their in-house capabilities.


The SPCA partnered with Xtreme Productivity as their trusted advisor. XP, with its expertise, not only provided end-to-end user support but also guided the SPCA in choosing the right cloud technology tailored for their unique needs. By right-sizing and ensuring correct licensing, XP ensured that SPCA's technology solutions were cost-efficient. This strategic partnership allowed SPCA to allocate more of its precious funds towards its noble cause, rather than on commodity IT, amplifying their impact on animal welfare.


Digital Support

  • IT & User Support
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Software Licensing & Procurement


Cloud Technology

  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Licensing

“Xtreme Productivity is an IT Service Provider who puts the customer first. SPCA NZ has a great relationship with the team, who support us 24/7. All problems are resolved in a timely, polite, and professional manner.”

David Young, Systems Manager, SPCA New Zealand.

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