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Custom Digital Solutions

At XP, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke digital solutions that align perfectly with your unique requirements.

Whether you need an integration with your existing systems, third-party solutions, or an entirely innovative design from scratch, we're here to bring your technology aspirations to life.

We offer a wide range of technology disciplines, practices, and capabilities to cater to the diverse needs of our valued clients. Through our partnerships with philanthropic organisations, we have access to grants, discounted pricing, and donations, ensuring that your technology investments go even further in advancing your noble cause.

Web solutions and implementation

When it comes to online solutions, we recommend Microsoft-friendly Content Management Systems (CMS) like DNN, Kentico, and Umbraco. These free CMS platforms have the remarkable ability to extend their capabilities using Visual Studio, allowing us to create innovative solutions that are not only easy to maintain but also channel your valuable resources towards functionality rather than ongoing licensing costs.

Mobile app development

Our expertise in mobile app development is unmatched, with a special focus on iOS and Android platforms using Xamarin, Visual Studio, and .NET technologies. By leveraging a single codebase built on Microsoft technology, we accelerate the delivery of your apps across multiple platforms, all while reducing the maintenance burden associated with managing a presence in multiple app stores.


Power BI

Dive deep into the data with Microsoft Power BI. It's not just about numbers; it's about turning raw data into actionable insights. Explore the power of visual analytics, dynamic dashboards, and real-time reporting. Power BI empowers you to make informed decisions. Our dedicated Power BI specialists are here to help you every step of the way.


Systems Integration

Our integration skills knows no bounds. Using REST APIs, Azure App Services, and Functions, we seamlessly integrate your solutions with payment gateways, learning platforms, finance systems, and even Office 365. Real-time communication between your systems reduces the need for manual intervention, improves your data quality, and improves efficiency.
“The new website went live in four months because XP knows Tearfund and charities like the back of their hand. It would have taken years if we’d had to educate and train a new provider.”

Tammy Fraser, Tearfund.

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