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Join XP's partner programme to earn consistent referral income while supporting global non-profits and purpose-led organisations

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Your referrals help create Transformation

Join forces with XP and enhance your own business capacity while helping make the world better. As a partner, you'll be able to expand your solutions for your nonprofit clients, by pointing to our cutting-edge digital and finance system solutions and expert guidance.

Together, we can create world-changing solutions and empower businesses to thrive. Partner with XP and be part of a network dedicated to innovation, growth, and making a meaningful impact.

Earn 10% Revenue Share of Service Support

Our partnership offer is simple: you recommend one of your clients to XP and we sign them, you'll receive 10% of the revenue from any service support we provide for a year.

  • Guaranteed Passive Income: Secure a steady income stream with every signed service agreement.
  • Simple and Transparent: For example, refer a $10,000 job, and you'll receive $1,000 from XP.
  • Ongoing Benefits: Enjoy 10% of additional services revenue from the same client for the next 12 months.


Partner with XP and start earning while making a difference.

Explore Partnership Opportunities

If you are a sole trader, consultant, or work with nonprofits and purpose-led organisations, we want to hear from you. We seek partners whose clients need more than what they currently offer. For example, if you supply software and your client needs financial admin support, refer them to us. Whether you work with nonprofits, technology, health, education, public services, community, or sports organisations, XP provides the extra support your clients need. We're looking for partners in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

If you have a client that needs support that you’re not able to provide, we can help.

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Passive Income

Earn passive income for 12 months from every succesful service contract referral.

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A Better World

Help build a better world by supporting nonprofits and purpose-led organisations reach their goals

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If you have questions or need advice in any areas of our expertise, we will help you.

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